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About OMB and the Chief Statistician of the United States

To operate efficiently and effectively, the Nation relies on the flow of objective, credible statistics to support the decisions of individuals, households, governments, businesses, and other organizations. 

As part of its role as coordinator of the Federal statistical system under the Paperwork Reduction Act, U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB), through the Chief Statistician of the United States, must ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the system as well as the integrity, objectivity, impartiality, utility, and confidentiality of information collected for statistical purposes.  This statute also charges OMB with developing and overseeing the implementation of Government-wide principles, policies, standards, and guidelines concerning the development, presentation, and dissemination of statistical information. 

OMB maintains a set of statistical policy directives to implement these requirements. OMB’s established process for updating existing statistical policy directives includes technical evaluation of the current standard by an interagency working group composed of career Federal subject matter experts; additional technical research, testing, and analysis to close identified gaps; and solicitation and consideration of public comment on ways to improve the standards. The final decisions regarding any changes to the standards are made by OMB.

Dr. Karin A. Orvis

Dr. Karin A. Orvis

Chief Statistician
of the United States

Page Last Revised - March 19, 2024