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The 2024 Statistical Policy Directive No. 15

On March 28, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published a set of revisions to Statistical Policy Directive No. 15: Standards for Maintaining, Collecting, and Presenting Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity (SPD 15), the first since 1997. These revisions will enhance the ability to compare information and data across federal agencies, and also to understand how well federal programs serve a diverse America.

For access ease, this site breaks down the updated standards into its six parts, as shown below.

Also, OMB’s official Notice announcing the revisions can be found in the Federal Register. In addition to including the revised standards, the Notice includes explanations for the revisions by describing the initial proposals of the Interagency Working Group on Race and Ethnicity Standards (Working Group), summarizing public input, describing the final recommendations of the Working Group (and how they differed, if at all, from the initial proposals), and presenting and explaining OMB's decisions.

Standards for Maintaining, Collecting, and Presenting Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity

This Statistical Policy Directive provides the standards for maintaining, collecting, and presenting race and ethnicity data for all Federal information collection and reporting purposes. The categories in these standards are understood to be socio-political constructs and are not an attempt to define race and ethnicity biologically or genetically. They are not to be used as determinants of eligibility for participation in any Federal program. The standards do not require any agency or program to collect race and ethnicity data; rather they provide a common language for uniformity and comparability in the collection and use of race and ethnicity data by Federal agencies.

The standards have seven minimum categories for data on race and ethnicity: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Middle Eastern or North African, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and White.

Page Last Revised - June 12, 2024